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So cast iron is just cast iron, right?

Over the years, I’ve had many discussions with a wide variety of people about cast iron. One topic that crops up time and time again is people’s understanding of what a cast iron based material can achieve. The conversation usually goes something like this.

Customer – “But surely cast iron is just cast iron. I’m looking for something better than that.”

Me – “Well cast iron comes in all sorts of different forms. What properties are you looking for?”

Customer – “Oh, not sure really. What can you offer?”

Me – “OK, I’ll explain.”

This then leads into a guided tour of the different varieties of cast iron, at the end of which there’s a realisation from the customer than cast iron isn’t just cast iron. The possibilities are much greater than that. The starting point might be ‘cast iron’, the original Victorian material that still has a wealth of uses today. Click here for more information on its properties and applications. The next step would be to explain ductile cast iron and how it revolutionised the applications for cast iron after it was developed in the late 50s. Again, click here for more info. Does the customer want something with high wear resistance? Well, there’s a couple of options. High Chrome Irons or Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) if you want to combine wear resistance with high strength and ductility. Click here for the High Chrome Irons (often referred to as Ni Hard) or here for ADI. Want something with good heat resistance or good corrosion resistance, especially in alkali environments? Austenitic Iron might be the answer, either in a grey iron version or a ductile iron version both of which can be called Ni Resist. Click here for the info. Finally, from the range of irons we cast, there is Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) which combines the properties of a grey iron and a ductile iron. The link’s here.

The customer’s response is usually a mix of ‘wow, didn’t realise there was so much’ and ‘I’ll need to go away and have a think about it’. More often that not, after thinking about it, they come back and continue the conversation. If you’d like a similar conversation, just get in touch. Email’s the simplest – castings@durhamfoundry.com.

You can also follow us on various social media platforms or sign up to our free casting guide. Links to all of these are on our websites, the main one being Durham Foundry

And one last thought. If nothing above seems to be what you’re looking for, still get in touch. If we can’t help, we’ll probably know someone who can.


Mike Naylor

Managing Director