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How Many Foundries Does It Take To Make An Industry – Part 3

Following on from my previous two posts about the recent Foundry Census, the Cast Metals Federation (CMF) has published it’s latest thoughts on it. This time, it’s very much focused on the foundry industry’s contribution to recycling and resource efficiency, something which we’ve been doing for years, long before it became the hot topic it is now. We recycle scrap metal and have done for hundreds of years. We’ve recycled sand internally for as long. More recently, we’ve developed ways to re-use the waste sand we can’t process internally by finding external opportunities which can dramatically reduce a foundry’s reliance on landfill. 

The problem is, we’re not very good at advertising it.

Maybe the article by the CMF will help change this. If you want to see what it says, the link is here

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Mike Naylor