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How Many Foundries Does It Take To Make An Industry – Part 4

I think this will be my final post on the recently published Foundry Census.

Pam Murrell at the Cast Metals Federation has updated her reporting on the census with a look at the issue of skills shortages within the industry. Her post is here. It’s very much a wake up call to anyone in the foundry industry who is going to need skilled and committed employees in the future. Basically, that’s all of us. Hopefully, the subject of another post (link here) from Pam, this time about the official opening of the Elite Centre for Manufacturing, part of which is the new National Foundry Training Centre, will go some way to addressing this problem. The Foundry Training Centre has already opened it’s doors and is providing craft and technical training across a range of foundry related topics. As an industry, we need and should support this training initiative. If we don’t, we’ll all be sat around in years to come bemoaning the lack of training and skills when the only people to blame will be ourselves.

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Mike Naylor