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Something To Be Proud Of.

For quite a few years now, Durham Foundry has held both ISO 9001 and 14001 as a combined Quality and Environmental Management Standard. I’m pleased to say that our external audit which has just been carried out by Alcumus has been a splendid success. Not a single non-conformity, either major or minor, in either part of the system.

An external audit like this is something to be proud of. It shows the commitment of everyone at Durham Foundry to not only producing first class castings but doing it in a way that continually improves our environmental performance. I’m doubly proud as the audit was against the new versions of the standards, a conversion that has gone seamlessly thanks in no small part to the consultant we use, Craig Smith. Thx Craig.

I’m not sure if you can be triply proud. Is that a thing? I’m going to say it is. This audit is the fifth one in a row where we haven’t had a single NCR, something I’m rather chuffed about – or triply proud. This was also mentioned by Alcumus’ auditor which led to a conversation as to why that was. A lot of the reason was down to how we had devised our management systems originally. I’ve come across a lot of firms who have very complicated systems, particularly for 9001. At times, you want to tear your hair out trying to get your head round why they do things the way they do. The larger the firm, the more this problem seems to occur. We took a different view. Both ISO 9001 and 14001, even in the new versions are not complicated standards to apply. You can make them complicated if you want by why on earth would you. Keep it simple. OK, you’ve got ensure you comply with the requirements of the standards without cutting any corners but keep it as simple as you can. Simple means easy. Easy means less management time which means being able to spend it on other things.

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Mike Naylor