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Reasons to be Cheerful – Part 3

Except it’s not part 3, its part 1 but using part 1 in the title doesn’t work as well as part 3 for the musical reference that seems to be a feature of my posts, in this case an excellent and rather appropriate track by Ian Dury and Blockheads, a clip of which can be found here.

So, what has Durham Foundry got to be cheerful about. Well, basically a record year. Our financial year end is 31st March. By any way you care to measure it – turnover, profit, margin etc – it’s been a record year. This enables a few things. More cash in the bank for investment, paying our suppliers on time and, most importantly, paying a record year end bonus to the guys on the shop floor which brings me neatly to one of the main reasons why this has happened. Sure, we need a strong order book as the basis for this kind of performance but the only way this converts into a record is the dedication, skill and hard work of the people who make the castings. This bunch.

In no particular order, Dave Simpson, Keith Storer, Steve Smedley, Ian Ross, Gamal Murshid, Dean Rowding, Curtis Boot, Josh Sutton, Tom Barkworth, Simon Parr, John Spooner, Ian Waddingham, Josh Nelson and, missing from the picture, David Dickinson. All highly skilled and a credit to the company. Without them, our consistent positive performance would be impossible to achieve.

Here’s to another good year.

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Mike Naylor