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Back in the USA

An absolute classic for the musical reference this time. Chuck Berry and Back in the USA. Click here for a bit of rock and roll.

I’ve always believed that foundries, in fact any organisation that is proud of what it does, should open its doors and welcome people in. The more we all do that, the more interest there will be in what we do and the more interest there is, the easier it will be to thrive. For us that’s mainly meant hosting visits from local schools and universities. Occasionally it’s been other foundries which up to this point have all been UK based. I’m now happy to say that this spirit of cooperation has taken on an international flavour in the shape of Waupaca Foundry Inc of Wisconsin. 

Now you might ask how a small back street jobbing foundry in Sheffield, South Yorkshire managed to get four guys from a very large foundry in America to spend a few hours with us. The answer is two fold really. Firstly the connectivity that Linked-In gives us all these days as that’s how we first made contact and secondly GIFA, the international foundry trade show that took place in Germany a few weeks ago. The guys from Waupaca visit GIFA each time it’s on and then spend a few days visiting foundries in Europe to swap ideas and see what other people are doing. This time they decided that Durham Foundry was worth a visit.

So, thanks to everyone below for an enjoyable two hours discussing everything from ladle pre-heating to casting tin models of american footballers. Gregory V Miskinis, Brian Hammack, Todd Pagel and Steven Nygaard. 



Which brings me back to the musical reference at the top. Why Back in the USA. Well, by the time they see this post, that’s probably exactly where they’ll be. Back in the USA.

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Mike Naylor