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Time. It’s fascinated people ever since they realised that the sun rose in the morning and disappeared at night. We’ve also tried to find increasingly accurate and complex ways of measuring it from sundials to atomic clocks. This desire to measure has resulted in one of the more interesting projects we’ve been involved with recently which has also proved that sometimes the old ways are what excite the imagination.

Somewhere in China is a theme park that is currently nearing completion. At the centre of the park, on top of a man made hill is a clock, a rather large clock. It’s also no ordinary clock. These days, most time pieces are electronic but the powers that be in China decided that they didn’t want an electronic one. Instead they wanted a mechanical clock. To achieve this, they also decided they wanted an English clock maker so enter Smith of Derby, a long establish maker of mechanical clocks going back to 1856.

In 2020 we were approached by Smith to see if we’d like to make all the ductile iron castings that would go into the clock mechanism. We jumped at the chance. Projects like this don’t come around very often.

About 12 months later, the whole mechanism was ready to ship. There’s a few pictures below of what we all achieved.

The whole clock is now sat on that hill in China at the top of a tower. The Chinese customer is apparently rather pleased with it. So are we.

Given that all my posts contain a musical reference, the one for this was fairly obvious. Another great British export, Pink Floyd and their track Time. Obvious really. Click here to see the video.

Finally, I’d like to thank Smith of Derby for involving us in the first place and Mogul Engineers in Rotherham for the excellent machining they provided on our castings.

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