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Alcohol & Drugs Policy

This policy has been drawn up after consultation with employee/trade union representatives. It has the full support of the Company’s senior management. It’s operation and effectiveness will be kept under regular review. The policy is intended as guidance for management and employees. It does not confer any contractual rights on individuals.

The purpose of the policy

There is a clear link between misuse of alcohol and drugs and reduced safety and efficiency. The purpose of this policy, therefore, is:-

  1. to ensure that employee’s use of drugs or alcohol does not affect the health and safety of the individuals themselves, their fellow workers or others with whom they come into contact in the course of their work
  2. to ensure that employee’s use of drugs or alcohol does not affect the efficient and effective operation of the Company’s business
  3. to set out the Company’s rules on drugs, alcohol and substance abuse
  4. to provide a procedure whereby employees who have a problem of drug or alcohol misuse or substance abuse can seek and be offered help in confidence
  5. to provide guidance on the effects of drugs and alcohol and the symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse and substance misuse


The Company’s policy applies to all it’s employees and to everyone employed at it’s premises, including any contractors working on the premises.

The Company’s rules on alcohol and drugs at work

The Company’s policy is that the working environment should be free from the influence of drugs or alcohol. This will help to ensure the health and safety of our employees and others with whom they come into contact, to maintain the efficient and effective operation of our business, and to ensure our customers receive from us the service they require.

For those reasons, the following rules will be strictly enforced.

No employee or contractor shall:

  1. to ensure that employee’s use of drugs or alcohol does not affect the health and safety of the individuals themselves, their fellow workers or others with whom they come into contact in the course of their work
  2. be in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs** in the workplace
  3. consume alcohol or illegal drugs or abuse any substance whilst at work

* Whether an employee is fit for work is a matter for the reasonable opinion of management.

** Illegal drugs include heroin, cannabis/marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines.

Contravention of these rules is a very serious matter and the Company will take disciplinary action – which may well be dismissal – in the event of infringement. See below. In addition, possession of or dealing in illegal drugs on Company premises will, without exception, be reported to the Police.

Disciplinary action

Where an employee contravenes the Company’s rules stated above, that contravention will be dealt with under the Company’s disciplinary procedure.

The Company’s disciplinary procedure may be suspended for investigation of whether the employee has a problem amenable to treatment and, if so, for that treatment to be undertaken.

Whether the disciplinary procedure is suspended will depend on:

  1. the nature of the employee’s alleged offence and
  2. the evidence that the employee has a health-related problem.

Employees who decline to undergo appropriate treatment, or who discontinue treatment before its satisfactory completion, will be subject to the normal disciplinary procedure.

Help Available

The Company will endeavour to ensure that advice and specialist help are made available to any employees who feel they have a problem with alcohol or drug misuse. Any employee who seeks the assistance of the Company in finding treatment for a drugs or alcohol problem has the Company’s complete assurance of confidentiality.

Early identification and treatment is essential if problems for the employee and for the Company are to be avoided. Employees who feel they have a problem are encouraged to come forward and seek assistance. Employees who wish to seek help and advice should contact their immediate manager who will arrange for the employee to have a counselling meeting at which the options available to the employee will be explained and a course of treatment or rehabilitation agreed.

During any period of absence from work for agreed treatment, the company’s normal sick pay arrangements will apply.

In the event that an agreed or recommended course of treatment is not followed by an employee or is ineffective, lapses in the employee’s performance, conduct or attendance will be dealt with in accordance with the Company’s normal disciplinary or sickness absence procedures as appropriate.

Employees who are concerned that a colleague is exhibiting symptoms of an alcohol or drug-related problem should notify their manager or supervisor. Employees making false accusations in bad faith will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

M C Naylor,

Managing Director

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