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Fire & Safety Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Policy Statement

The Company has a vested interest in maintaining the Health, Safety and Welfare of employees and other persons in the premises and as part of this Fire Safety shall be maintained at as high a level as is reasonably achievable.

Any person with managerial or supervisory responsibilities shall take due note of the consequent responsibility for fire safety imposed by the Regulatory Reform, (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The Order also imposes a duty on other staff not to commit any act or omission that might bring about or fail to avoid a fire hazard and put persons in the building at risk.

All employees should note that they are required under the Regulatory Reform, (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to co-operate in ensuring that the premises remain safe from fire.

The Company installs and maintains suitable fire precautions in the premises. Contractors are available to put right any defects to fire precautions found by staff. The Company supports all staff in maintaining a high standard of fire precautions. Arrangements shall be put in place to remedy defects as soon as is reasonably practicable.

Action will be taken against any person found to be abusing fire precautions.

The Company will investigate the cause of any fire occurring and will take measures to prevent a recurrence.Smoking is not permitted in any building, in accordance with the Heath Act 2006.

The Company shall, to comply with the relevant legislation:

  1. Appoint one or more “competent persons” to assist in the maintenance of fire safety; provide employees with information as to risks identified and measures taken to mitigate such risks;
  2. Consult employees about nominating suitable persons in connection with fire safety
  3. ; inform persons other than employees as to the particular fire precautions relevant to the building;

  4. Consider the presence of dangerous substances and any hazards arising; establish a suitable means of contacting the emergency services
  5. ;

  6. Where any child is to be engaged on work experience, provide the parent or other responsible person with information as to the risks identified and steps taken to mitigate such risks;
  7. Ensure the proper testing, checking and servicing of all aspects of fire precautions in the premises; and
  8. Co-operate as appropriate with the landlord and/or the occupiers of other premises in the building in maintaining fire safety in the building.

M C Naylor,

Managing Director