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How To Make A Casting

Above is the process that we follow when making our Cast Iron Projects! If you would prefer to read about the process we follow then please continue below to see a list of step by step directions.

1. Patterns – The starting point of everything we make
2. Durham Foundry – A view of the main foundry bay
3. Durham Foundry – A closer view of the production area
4. Moulding
5. A series of moulds ready for stripping and closing
6. Sand moulds being removed from the pattern
7. The bottom half of a larger mould being blown out prior to the top half being put on
8. A series of moulds closed ready for casting
9. Melting in a 750 kg High Frequency Coreless Induction Furnace
10. Slagging off – This is the removal of impurities from the surface of the molten metal
11. Preheating the Ladle
12. Preheated ladle ready for lifting up to the furnace
13. Tapping the molten metal into the pre heated ladle
14. Finished tapping – Time for a short rest
15. Casting
16. Line of moulds just cast
17. Excess metal cast into pig moulds for re-use
18. Pile of pigs just cast
19. A series of cast moulds cooling before the castings are removed
20. A mould being taken to have the cooled casting removed
21. The cooled mould being processed through the sand reclaimer – As much sand as possible is re-used
22. Casting about to be fettled
23. Casting being fettled
24. Fettled castings – These ones go for hot dip galvanising
25. Examples of the range of shapes and sizes we make