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Health & Safety Policy


It is the safety policy of the company to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health and safety of all employees and persons working on the premises, and to prevent any damage to both company and personal equipment or property. The company also wishes to safeguard the general public whenever it’s business activities brings it into contact with them.

The company will provide training, assess risks, consult with employees, maintain plant and equipment, provide trained supervision and maintain a safe and healthy working environment to enable these objectives to be met.

This policy statement is one of the methods, along with consultation, that the company will communicate its Health and Safety Policy to the workforce and others. The full Health and Safety Policy is available for anyone in the Managing Directors office.

It is a legal requirement that all employees should comply with this policy, and accept the duties and responsibilities contained within it, to enable them to make their place of work as safe and as healthy as is reasonably practicable. Failure to comply with instructions in this policy, or other health and safety instructions may result in disciplinary action under the company’s disciplinary procedure.

The directors and senior managers have given their full support to this policy – arrangements for carrying out the safety policy are contained in the organisational section below.

Names of Key Personnel

Managing Director and Safety Officer : M. C. Naylor, Safety Representative : M. Taylor, First Aiders : M. C. Naylor, D. Simpson, K Storer

Organisational Arrangements for Implementing Safety Policy

  1. The Managing Director has overall responsibility for health and safety , but operational aspects may be delegated to the appropriate staff.
  2. The Safety Officer is responsible for all aspects of health and safety. He may be approached at any time with regard to these matters. 
    Additionally, he is personally responsible for the day to day administration of health and safety and will ensure that:-

    1. All persons will have received adequate health and safety training, and that this training is supplemented, where possible, by written instructions. He must also ensure that all such training is recorded
    2. All plant, machinery and buildings must be suitable for their purpose and properly maintained.

M C Naylor,

Managing Director